Stats Innovation Studio

Stats Perform is a Chicago-based sports data and analytics company. The company is involved in sports data collection and predictive analysis, and maintains sports-oriented wire services. The company has also been increasingly involved in artificial intelligence and machine learning.


UI Designer

Project Type

In-house Project at Stats Perform

Time Frame

6 Weeks

Tools Used

Sketch, InVision

Defining the Challenge

Stats Perform needed to have a space to showcase its more conceptual and innovative technology that was not yet ready to be productized. The vision for the studio was for those future products to be interactive, so that clients could come in experience what a "fan of the future" could experience. I was tasked with creating the interface for the Prediction Hub, and the animation for the in-game stats experience.

Prediction Hub

The Prediction Hub utilized machine learning to forecast how a professional player would perform based off past seasons' statistics. Up until that point, it was only a data model that we sold to major sportsbooks, so it had no interface that a user could interact with. Since we wanted the space to be interactive, I was tasked with creating visual concepts to bring it to life.

Initial Concepts
Getting the Buy In

My concepts were well received from our stakeholders, and I was given the green light to move forward with the project, and build it out further. I then wrote out a project plan highlighting how much resources I would need and what I envisioned the product road map to be. The following images are early iterations based off that plan.

In-game Stats Experience

The other project I worked on for the Innovation Studio was animating what a fan's experience could be like while watching a game live. What would it look like if you could pull up a player, or team's, in-depth statistics just by clicking a button on your remote?

Other Visual Design Projects